Our Products and Services

GML offers a wide range of substrates, each suited for a particular application. They include:
Lightweight bleached tissues for point of sale wrapping of clothing, jewellry, cosmetics etc. A range of bleached and unbleached krafts, waxed or unwaxed, for food and non food wrapping and presentation. A fabric substrate, waxed, for the protection and wrapping of fresh meat.

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Green Coating

GML's coating capacity includes food grade waxes, hot melt waxes and aqueous based grease resisting coatings.


Applications for these Coatings include Food Contact papers ( for tray lining or as a protective wrap ), Soap Wrap and Pleat Wrap Papers, Heat Sealable papers for Form Fill machines, Waxed Papers for non-food applications


GML's flexographic printing presses are up to 6 colours.

Green Printing

GML mostly uses water based inks to ensure our food contact papers conform to appropriate regulations for non migration. We blend the inks on site to match pantones and use a spectrometer to ensure we have a good and consistent colour match. Our presses are equipped with camera monitoring to ensure we can check print quality whilst high speed running.

Plate making is to a high standard allowing us to offer fine detail reproduction of customers’ designs. Ahead of plate making, we will supply an electronic  colour proof for signing off.

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GML's high speed sheeting and programmable guillotining capacity allows the customer to decided on a sheet size to suit their application.

Green Sheeting

GML’s sheeting includes sheeting to register, where the customer design is repeated in the same position on each sheet or die-cut shape. Usually the output from sheeting passes to Guillotining for cutting down to the customers’ chosen size.


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GML's precision slitting capacity starts at finished reels 50mm wide.

Green Slitting

Reel lengths vary according to customer requirement and are wound onto 51mm or 76mm id spiral wound cardboard tubes. Specialist edge guiding equipment is used to ensure accurate slitting.


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GML's bag making capacity is for flat and gusseted paper bags (waxed or greaseproof) in a limited range of face widths up to max 9.5".

We specialise in low volume orders, from 10,000, mostly printed to compliment printed sheets of the same design. Applications include point of sale at Delicatessen counters and tablet soap presentation.

Bag Making

Green Bag Making
Bag Making
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GML's die cutting is for discs/shapes up to 500mm diameter.

Green Die Cutting

bespoke Shapes, Discs and Rings are produced for a variety of applications including Food and Adhesive Tape Interleaving and  Box Lining.

Die Cutting

Die Cutting
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